We fight for decent work, democratic participation, and social justice worldwide. On behalf of our donors, we put solidarity into action in over 60 projects on four continents. With foresight and ambition we eliminate social wrongs, and create possibilities and prospects for disadvantaged people.

Our motivation, our vision
All over the world, 1.5 billion people live and work in precarious conditions. If this is to change for the better, they all need to earn a living wage. Their fundamental rights must be respected. They must be empowered to participate in democratic processes. Industrialised countries need to re-think their business practices and economic policies. We envision a world with decent work, social justice and sustainable livelihoods and one free of poverty, where all people are able to exercise their right to an independent life in dignity. Our strategy 2020-2024 is available in english, french, german and portuguese.

Our projects in developing and emerging countries
Solidar Suisse is committed to decent work and democratic participation in the poorest countries of Africa and Latin America, as well as in threshold countries of Eastern Europe and in China. We also provide disaster relief and humanitarian aid. Discover our projects.

Our campaigns in Switzerland
Solidar Suisse and its innovative campaigns raise public awareness of how our consumerism affects people in developing countries. Your support helps us to oblige the manufacturers of our goods to respect human rights. Join in our campaigns!

Our expertise
The Solidar Suisse development programme enjoys the support of SDC, the Swiss government Agency for Development and Cooperation. Solidar Suisse has been certified by ZEWO, the Swiss fundraising monitoring agency, which ensures the economic and effective use of your donation for its intended purpose.  Solidar Suisse is structured and managed according to the Swiss NPO Code of corporate-governance guidelines for Swiss non-profit organisations.  Solidar Suisse is proud to have been the first Swiss organisation to obtain the 'Qap' ('Quality as process') certificate in recognition of high-quality business administration in development cooperation. Solidar Suisse is also a member of the Core Humanitarian Standards Alliance

Our network
Solidar Suisse is funded by Swiss labour unions and the Social-Democratic Party of Switzerland. Solidar Suisse is a member of the European Solidar Network which includes over 50 relief agencies and non-governmental organisations.

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