What we do

Solidar Suisse is a Swiss non-profit organisation that fights globally for decent work and democratic participation. Besides over 60 projects worldwide, Solidar Suisse is conducting awareness-raising campaigns in Switzerland. 

Our goals

Solidar Suisse is committed to decent work and democratic participation in the poorest countries of Africa and Latin America, as well as in threshold countries in Eastern Europe and in China. And we provide disaster relief and humanitarian aid. 

Decent work

Social peace depends on decent work for all. Together with labour union partners, Solidar Suisse is committed to compliance with labour laws and social justice.

Democracy and participation

There is no sustainable development without democratic participation. We engage for stronger civil-society organisations with proper democratic legitimisation.

Humanitarian help

Solidar Suisse’ humanitarian aid aims to make immediate and sustainable improvements to the lives of victims of armed conflicts and natural disasters. 

What drives our campaigns

If global poverty is to become a thing of the past, wealthy industrialised nations need to change. Solidar Suisse and its innovative campaigns raise public awareness of how our consumerism affects people in developing countries. 
Your support helps us to oblige the manufacturers of our goods to respect human rights.