Serbia has an extraordinary high rate of youth unemployment. Solidar Suisse supports carreer guidance, dual education and the incorporation of new knowledge and standards in the policy framework.

Youth unemployment in Serbia is 43.2% and more than twice as high as in the European Union. The education system in many cases does not provide the skilled labour, which is needed for example in the metal, wood or food industry. Skill oriented vocational trainings still do have a bad reputation and lack support and interest from students.

At the same time it is expected that Serbia will have strong economic growth over the next years which could lead to more than 400.000 new jobs over  the next decade Governmental Strategies promote dual education, career guidance and counselling and lifelong learning. However the respective reforms require huge efforts and a good cooperation between all stakeholders involved. The project seeks to mobilise proponents of career guidance to test innovative approaches and to incorporate new knowledge and standards in the policy framework.

Goals of the project

- Pilot interventions lead to an increased number of secondary school pupils who have a clear picture about occupational profiles, education options and their own competencies.

- The implemented interventions and the advocacy initiatives lead to broadly anchored alliance for career guidance and counselling and better position of this topic in the policy-making settings.

- Civil society organizations adopt and advocate for clearly defined policy positions, which are adopted in the legislation, secondary school curricula and employment strategies.

- Young people benefit from new and improved career development opportunities , which are well-established, institutionalized and included into youth-related public policies.

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