Youth unemployment in Bosnia & Herzegovina is almost twice as high, at 58 percent, as unemployment in general. The dire economic situation is only partly to blame for young Bosnian’s lack of occupational perspectives. Very few young men and women are prepared to enter and succeed in the job market, largely due to obsolescent curricula and an education and vocational training system that fails to prepare young people adequately. To make matters worse, neither vocational colleges nor universities maintain close contact to the world of employment.

Unemployment is high in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Due to the weak economy, over half of the country's young people are out of work as there are simply not enough jobs. Also, trade schools don't teach young people the skills actually required in the labour market. Finally, youngsters and their parents need more information about training, educational opportunities and career prospects.

Solidar's partner organisations – Zora in Zenica, Bosnian Federation, and the Youth Information Centre in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska – are not only putting vocational guidance on the basic school curriculum, but they also organise job fairs and job-entry events at trade schools. The plan is for young people to be better informed about training and educational opportunities, realities of employment and future job prospects. Job fairs are also intended to stimulate communication between schools and employers in order to improve the practical relevance of training schemes. The two NGOs are working closely together to ensure the nationwide implementation of these successful concepts.

The regional project, Youth & Work, unites five sub-projects in Kosovo, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegowina. One of the most important aspects of Youth & Work is information sharing among project partners.

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