Solidar Suisse promotes the rights of child workers in Pakistan. Thanks to new laws, a school for working children and better income for parents, children can increasingly take regular education instead of working from a young age.

The project to eliminate child labour in a slum of Lahore is making good progress: a total of 538 children are now attending a school partially financed by Solidar. 102 girls and 83 boys aren’t working at all anymore and the rest of the children are attending half-day classes. Parents of working children have learned to demand the legal minimum wage and are finding better marketing possibilities for their products. The resulting better income makes it possible for them to send their children to school.


There has also been progress on the political level during the last few years. A law limiting child labour has been passed in the state of Punjab, Punjab Restriction of Children’s Employment Act 2016, and the exploitation of children is prosecuted more often. As a member of the movement for children’s rights, Solidar, together with its partners, Labour Education Fundation (LEF) und Group Development (GD Pakistan), influences the drafting, ratification and implementation of important new laws combatting child labour and child abuse.

GD Pakistan, with Solidar Suisse’s help, will continue to strive for local and national legislative changes that guarantee school education for all children.

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