Decent working conditions and fair wages are key in the struggle against poverty and social inequality. Solidar supports unions facing new challenges.

Recently many global enterprises have invested in Mozambique – above all in coal mining, oil prospection and infrastructure. This creates a new challenge for unions; the worker's rights of the workforces of major private investors must be defended and new union members must be enlisted. Solidar works with the union umbrella organizations Mozambique Workers' Organization (OTM) and National Confederation of Independent and Free Trade Unions of Mozambique (CONSILMO) as well as local NGOs and research institutes. Supporting unions in the social dialogue with employers and the government at the provincial level is an important theme. Furthermore, Solidar helps OTM and CONSILMO with the education of union leaders about subjects such as worker's rights, contract negotiations, and mediation, as well as worker's protection for AIDs positive employees.

Solidar Topics