Zainab is 33 years old and lives with her husband and seven children in the southern Lebanese town of Nabatieh. She fled the Syrian war. Thanks to Solidar Suisse, her family has shelter and a little money for essentials.

“Today I live with my husband and our seven children in lodging that Solidar Suisse offered us. Because of the war, we fled Syria for Lebanon.

Before that we had a good life. My husband married me when I was 16. He worked in a relative’s stall as a construction worker. Today he has to hunt for temporary work and earns around $25 (US) per day.  This has to be enough for the entire family.

Our biggest problem at the moment is our neighbours, who don’t like us and hope that we go back home. And then there is our 15-year-old daughter’s bone disease. She weighs only 30 kg and cannot even carry her school bag. Luckily she now has some medicine that helps.

Before Solidar Suisse helped us with lodging and monthly payments, our situation was hopeless.”

Since October 2012 Solidar Suisse has been supplying Syrian refugees in Lebanon with shelter, winter aid, and basic necessities. Lebanese communities are being supported to maintain and improve their public services.

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