Aydee participates in Ch’ama Wayna, a Solidar Suisse programme, that helps young Bolivians start their careers. Aydee had a child when she was 17 years old. This is her story.

«I live with my parents, my four-year-old son Santiago and my two brothers in the city of Viacha. I was still in school when I became pregnant. That was a very difficult time for me. I had already planned my career; I wanted to study communication at the university in La Paz and had just passed the entrance exam. I was very happy about the successful test result and it was exactly at that moment that I realized that I was pregnant. However, I told myself that I wanted to continue.

Today I am in the last year of these studies. I love the contact with people. At first I wanted, above all, to write but now I especially enjoy photography and video. At the beginning the university was a huge stress with a baby who wasn’t even one year old. For two years my day started at five o’clock in the morning. In addition to my studies, I wanted to spend enough time with my baby. Luckily, my parents were able to help too.»

«Now I can handle it all: studies, child and work. Thanks to Ch’ama Wayna I had the possibility to do an internship with Radio Letanías in Viacha. In a month they will decide if I can have a permanent post with the radio.

I told my parents: Five years after Santiago was born I will no longer depend on you. To achieve this I obviously need a job. That is my biggest wish. Thanks to Ch’ama Wayna, I have the hope that I will soon have a fixed job.

In addition, I built up a small organization for young mothers. This is because, when you become pregnant as early as I did, life is very complicated, especially the moment when you have to tell your parents. Parents aren’t then always ready to help and I wanted to help with my organization. Future young mothers should be able to share their experiences. In some situations a simple hug can help a lot.»

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