Here are answers to many questions. If we haven't covered yours, please contact us by using the form on the right. We will respond as soon as we can.

How can I be sure that my donation will be spent as requested?

Solidar Suisse guarantees that each contribution will be spent as requested by the donor. The earmarked use of donations is verified by an independent audit. In addition Solidar is certified by the ZEWO Foundation. They regularly check that certified charities spend contributions as desired by the donors. At Solidar Switzerland the earmarked use of your donation is guaranteed!

How does Swiss Solidarity work?

Swiss Solidarity is a collection system sponsored by SRG-SSR the Swiss radio and television organisation. When crises occur it opens its account to receive donations for emergency and reconstruction aid. Swiss Solidarity is not active in the field. Recognized charities, such as Solidar Switzerland, can ask it for contributions. This functions under a 4-1 parts principle. In the case of catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods or droughts we can ask Swiss Solidarity for a contribution which will multiply by five the money that we can allocate (from our donors) ourselves.

Is my Solidar Suisse donation tax deductible?

Donations to Solidar Suisse are deemed to be in the public interest. Most cantons and the Swiss federal government authorize a deduction. Further information is available in French or German on the ZEWO Foundation website. To help you with the Swiss tax declarations we will send you a donation receipt in the middle of January for the preceding year. It contains all of your donations of the year with date and amount. If needed you can ask for a receipt at any time during the year.

Every contribution helps! We would like to acknowledge each of them but unfortunately cannot afford to do so. We will thank donations over 200 francs or if requested.

How much of my donation goes to administrative costs?

We will use your donation where it is really needed. However, we must also cover some costs: salaries, fundraising and offices have to be paid for. It is important to us to minimize these costs. In 2014 administrative costs came to 6.2% and collection costs to 9.2%. Thus 84.6% of the donations went directly to our projects.

Will Solidar Suisse give my address to others?

The safety and privacy of your data against illegitimate access is important to us. The processing of donor data, such as checking addresses or updating records, is done by us internally. Thus we can be sure that your address cannot fall into unauthorized hands. Solidar Switzerland does not make a business of addresses nor do we loan them to third parties.

How does Solidar Suisse guarantee my data privacy?

Internal data privacy guidelines and the appropriate instruction for our coworkers makes our compliance with the data protection laws a matter of fact. Effective technical means protect donor data from unauthorized access. Your data only leave our house to put addresses on printed matter.