You can choose among different ways of supporting our projects in favour of children, women and men in the different projects. Pick the one that suits you best. Every donation helps! You can either do this online, with a postal payment or with electronic banking using the IBAN: CH67 0900 0000 8000 0188 1


As a member you become part of our vision of a fair world without poverty. In addition you give Solidar more weight in awareness campaigns and political lobbying in Switzerland. You will receive our quarterly journal, Solidarity, in French or German, and can participate in our yearly general assembly.


Are you celebrating a special day? Anniversaries, birthdays, company parties or other occasions are great moments to collect donations for good causes. We would be happy to help you prepare.


A condolence gift in favour of Solidar Suisse gives disadvantaged people hope and support in their struggle against poverty, exploitation and injustice. In exchange you forgo receiving some flowers and wreaths.


Think of who else, after relatives and friends, should be acknowledged in your will. Do you know how to write a valid testament? We would be happy to help you for questions concerning estates and wills.


You can also donate your Migros Cumulus points. To find out how, please go to for instructions in French, German or Italian. The proceeds will be used to support projects in Burkina Faso and Nicaragua.


The post office and most banks charge us for every payment. Help us reduce this expense by concluding a direct debit order.


Are you interested in overall development cooperation or are you looking for a particular project worthy of your support? Solidar Suisse will be glad to advise you!

FAQ Donations

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