During the last six years the Syrian war has displaced over 12 million people. Four million have fled to neighbouring countries. Their situation is increasingly precarious. Solidar Suisse is helping Syrian refugees in southern Lebanon.

Foto: Jan Kjær, Better-World.dk

On first sight, life in the southern Lebanese towns seems to be normal. However, a closer examination shows that each house, cellar and even unfinished buildings are inhabited. Next to Lebanese families, Syrian refugees are living there in humble accommodations. Many of them are in poor health or war wounded, almost all are traumatized.


Solidar Suisse currently supports 100 refugee families in the southern Lebanese region of Nabatieh by providing basic necessities, making unfinished buildings liveable and helping Lebanese communities with joint projects for the common good.


  • For 1800 francs … an unfinished building can be sufficiently improved to become a home for a refugee family
  • For 600 francs … a family can buy enough oil or gas to survive a cold winter
  • For 70 francs … Solidar can give a family sanitary products, cooking utensils and baby articles
  • For 50 francs … a refugee dwelling can be equipped with a filter to ensure potable water

Thank you very much for your solidarity!

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