Solidar Suisse supports local community organizations which create the conditions for democratization and people's participation in democracy.

Democratic processes grow better when there is a direct effect on the local environment. Decentralized social and political structures are a pre-condition for, as well as a consequence of, democracy. Democratic principles are being disregarded in many developing countries. Nevertheless, promising reforms are also underway. Local community organizations, who understand their influence and the people's rights, are needed to support such breakthroughs.


Solidar Suisse supports disadvantaged groups and helps them get access to public services and natural resources. Thanks to the involvement of different groups, control of public assets increases. This leads to more transparency and less corruption.


Solidar helps grassroots organizations construct democratic, efficient structures and promotes the sharing of experiences among the different interest groups. Thus local participation can spread out to the regional and national levels. We invest in the training of local advocates so that they can be more effective. In particular, we support women so they can take an as equal as possible role in future developments.

An example of this can be found in the northern Nicaraguan town of Mulukukú, as descirbed in the video below.

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