Carlo Sommaruga, President

since 2018, national councillor

"Only a fair and united globalization allows each and everyone to live and work in dignity. And it is together that we can build it."

Dieter Bolliger

since 2014, finance director Syndicom

Judith Bucher

since 1999, deputy general secretary vpod

Mario Carera

since 2012, special representative for the Middle East (EDA)

Bruno Gurtner

since 2008, economist

Dore Heim

since 2013, executive secretary SGB

Joachim Merz

Joachim Merz

employee representation since 2015, desk officer Southern Africa and Bolivia

Martin Naef Solidar Vorstand

Martin Naef

since 2015, national councillor

Pepo Hofstetter - Vorstand Solidar Suisse

Pepo Hofstetter

since 2018

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