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Brazil Quotation from Brazil


Quotation from Brazil

«I know that if I open my mouth to criticise FIFA, CBF or the dishonesty of politicians and business people, I am not just Romario, but the voice of millions of Brazilians. (...) Our money is flowing to overly-expensive construction work, to white elephants [stadiums that will not be usable after the World Cup]. We will miss this money in the areas of health, education and security.»

Romario, former football player and Brazilian Member of Parliament



«150,000 families are threatened with forced relocations in the World Cup cities. More homelessness will be created. If people are evicted for streets, airports or around the stadiums without receiving housing of equal value, the proportion of poor people will increase.»

Raquel Rolnik, UN special envoy for housing rights



«I have not seen any change for me or other poor people with the World Cup. Nothing has helped us at all. We have not seen any improvement. No financial help, no housing help, no education, no healthcare, nothing has gotten better for those who need it.»

Rita Bonfim Silva, a mother threatened with eviction in Rio