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Brazil Workers are exploited


Workers are exploited


1,700 people work in the Fonte Nova stadium in Salvador. The working week is 44 hours. A trained construction worker receives 1,070 Brazilian Reais (USD 620) per month and a common labourer 680 Reais (USD 390). A family of four needs at least 2,200 Reais (USD 1,270) to cover food, housing and leisure needs. However, current wages are well below this level as shown by this and other examples.


Till end of March the construction workers have already been out on strike 17 times. They demand living wages, decent accommodation and food as well as health insurance for workers and their families. They are also largely compelled to fight for the payment of overtime and supplements for weekend work.


Exploitation is also a problem outside of the stadiums: in 2010, the mascot of the World Cup in South Africa cast dark shadows, when it became known that fan articles were produced by children in China, in 13-hour shifts, for two dollars an hour. FIFA was not directly involved in the choice of manufacturer. But criticism was addressed to FIFA, saying that it should control its partners better and institute tougher conditions. 


FIFA must commit to fair working conditions and fair pay.


FIFA is responsible for compliance with labour laws and the payment of fair wages in connection with the World Cup. It should seek dialogue with the trade unions. Compliance with the minimum labour laws and Brazilian legislation must be verified, for example by means of stadium inspections as were carried out in South Africa.